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3.15 Question Generator - Hasan, Jock and TJ Drinking Energy Drink

Hasan, Jock and TJ are drinking energy drink.
This information is summarised in the table below.

Hasan Jock TJ
Monster 5 9 9
Demon 10 7 3
Angel 7 1 3
Total mL6476 4076 3048

You are required to write a report using the information above.
Your report needs to answer the following questions:
As you write your report, take care to clearly communicate your findings, using appropriate mathematical statements. Include relevant equations and calculations.
The quality of your thinking and how well you link this to the context will determine the overall grade.

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Part 1:
Must show equations solved to give:
   114 mL in a can Monster energy drink.
   396 mL in a can Demon energy drink.
   278 mL in a can Angel energy drink.

Part 2:
TJ should drink 16 cans of Angel energy drink to eat the maximum. He will drink 6662 mL in total.

Part 3:
Must show equations solved to give a possible solution, eg:
   433 mL in a can Rockstar energy drink.
   348 mL in a can Mother energy drink.
   165 mL in a can V energy drink.
Or to give a general solution.

Part 4:
Must show equations to find out that that the planes are parallel so there is no solution
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