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3.2 Question Generator - Brendan's Shop

This activity requires you to use linear programming to model the constraints Brendan has for his shop and to make recommendations so that he can maximise his income in the current year and in future years. You will present your findings as a written report, supported by graphs, equations and relevant calculations.
The quality of your reasoning and how well you link this to the context will determine the overall grade.

Brendan owns a shop and sells milk and toy cars. Use the information below to write a report for Brendan making recommendations as to how many boxes of each type he should sell.

Information: Income predictions: As you write your report take care to clearly communicate your findings using appropriate mathematical statements. Include graphs, equations, and relevant calculations.

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t = boxes of toy cars
m = boxes of milk

Equations: Graph:

Critical Points: Optimal Values: Note: you need to interpret the results of this table in context.
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